Go beyond your limits. That's where the Raptor takes you. Whether you're getting big air at the jump park, shredding at your local downhill track or competing at the world's biggest downhill race, the LIOS Raptor is the most complete off road machine. That's what makes it so addictive.


LIOS Raptor

The LIOS Raptor enduro mountain bike is available in five groupset options.

Full Custom Builds - from £4,995

Frameset - £1,795


The Raptor's geometry is configured for absolute control, combined with suspension that builds momentum on the track and a constructional robustness that fills you with confidence.

Raptor Frameset Only


Includes frame and frame furniture.


Custom by LIOS

Colours | Components | Wheels | Finishing Kit | Fitted to You | Exclusivity

What is Custom?

By going custom with LIOS you have complete autonomy to pick and choose your colours, components, wheels and finishing kit, but most importantly the bike is built to you. If you’re purchasing a bike you should ensure the bike fits you. An accurate bike fit is the most important factor for optimal efficiency, performance and comfort on the bike. At LIOS we care about ensuring the bike is built around your biomechanics, but also with an eye on your goals and aspirations.


"Like a bespoke tailor will measure you for a suit, we do that for your bike."

How does Custom Work?

1. Discuss your Ideas

The first step is to get in touch in order to discuss your ideas. It may be that you want a complete one off bike, or you may just want to tweak the specification on one of our standard LIOS models. Once your requirements are confirmed, we will provide a detailed quote outlining every component and specification. This is an iterative process and we may go back and forth a couple of times whilst you refine your requirements. Once you're happy we arrange for you to visit our studio for a bike fit consultation.

2. Bike Fit Consultation

The most efficient way to identify the right position for you is in a dynamic format. To do that we utilise the revolutionary BioBike, which is currently one of less than a handful of fitting systems in the country that can hydraulically move its position in 1mm increments whilst you’re pedalling. It dynamically measures power output and torque, individually for each leg, and is able to maximise performance and comfort with real-time adjustments. You can therefore find that ‘sweet spot’ between power, efficiency and comfort. To compliment the BioBike we utilise Retül Technology, which is a 3D motion-capture bike fitting system designed to provide highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data.

The Retül system records your position while you’re in motion on the bike and accounts for all three planes of movement (3D). By considering your cycling or triathlon goals and aspirations, your individual biomechanics, your strengths and of course your limitations, the system provides us with accurate, data-driven decisions for the bike fit. 

This type of data cannot accurately be captured with 2D video, static fitting or ‘eyeball’ fitting. By utilising Retül, combined with the BioBike, we combine science with experience to eliminate guesswork and the assumptive nature of a bike fit. The result is that you will have a bike true to your fit, maximising efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort or injury. On completion of your bike fit consultation we take a 50% deposit for your bike.

3. Bike Build

Depending on component availability and level of customisation, your custom bike will normally be ready between 6-8 weeks later.

4. Collection

Check fits are not normally required on collection, although we often do go through a quick 3D motion analysis check fit for triathlon and TT bikes, as for many people it's a new riding position.

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