Can I talk to someone?

Definitely…that’s the first step! Please send us a message and we will get back to you.


What is the difference between custom and 'off the peg'?

With our custom service you have full control over the specification/components, so you can mix and match as you see fit, or we will make recommendations based on your budget and goals. Furthermore, you can choose custom colours, but most importantly, we conduct a detailed bike fit consultation using our BioBike machine and Retül 3D motion analysis equipment to measure you, then build your bike specific to you and your requirements.

How much do your custom bikes cost?

There are no set prices because each bike is custom built for each client. Nonetheless, to give an indication of cost, you would be looking at a starting price of £3,995 for a custom LIOS.

How much do your bikes weigh?

Overall weight depends on what components and finishing kit you have; the more expensive, the lighter it gets! As an example, the LIOS Bullet spec’d with Dura Ace and carbon finishing kit (stem, bars, seatpost etc) weighs a mere 6.7kg. The equivalent spec’d Javelin weighs 7.8kg.

Can I mix and match the components?

Of course, with the custom option. During our consultation we will discuss with you what your aims and goals are, but also if you have any specific components in mind. We would not, however, mix between group set manufacturers (i.e. Shimano and Campag) due to incompatibilities.

How long until I get my hands on my new bike?

If in stock, you can expect to get your 'off the peg' bike within 7-10 days. We will let you know at time of purchase if that will differ. For our custom bikes, once you have had your bike fit consultation, you would be looking at between 6-8 weeks. We of course keep you informed throughout.

Can I see the bikes?

Yes you can. Please get in touch and we will arrange a time for you to visit our studio and showroom in Hampshire. We run an ‘appointment only’ policy, so please get in touch beforehand.

Where are your frames made?

Our carbon frame and carbon rims are manufactured in the Far East, along with 90% of all other carbon bikes and components! Due to their expertise and material availability, it was the logical choice for us to have our frame sets manufactured in China; that is why all the big name brands have their carbon products built there as well. Since launching LIOS in 2012 we have used the same factory for our frames and have built a good relationship.

Can I buy direct online?

Yes, you can now! For our first five years we only offered a custom service, however over the summer of 2017 we are launching 'off the peg' options that can be purchased online, over the phone or in person at our studio.

Is shipping possible outside of the UK?

Please get in touch in order for us to provide a detailed quote for shipping outside of the UK.

Do you accept sponsorship requests?

Please feel free to get in touch if you believe we would be interested in providing sponsorship to either a team or an individual. Our aim is to support up and coming athletes, as well as those who are already established. We also like to support youth and junior athletes who show promise, but may not have the resources to be as competitive as their potential allows.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our frame sets are guaranteed for two years from date of purchase and our wheels for one year.  Please read the LIOS Warranty for full details: