What is a bike fit?

Everyone has a different body shape, different biomechanics, different levels of flexibility and different levels of physical ability, so you should ensure the bike fits you. An accurate bike fit is the most important factor for optimal efficiency, performance and comfort on the bike. It will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they have already purchased. At LIOS we care about ensuring the bike is built or adjusted around your biomechanics, but also with an eye on your goals and aspirations.

The most efficient way to identify the right position for you is in a dynamic format. To do that we utilise Retül Technology, which is a 3D motion-capture bike fitting system designed to provide highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data.

What is Retül 3D Motion Analysis?

Retül technology incorporates three main data points in bike fit theory:

Bike fits must be dynamic. Using motion-capture technology, the system records your positions in action, therefore creating the most realistic picture of your actual pedal strokes and body position when out on the road and trails.

Measurements must be accurate. Measurements made by traditional tools are subject to human error and therefore can be inaccurate. The Retül system creates true objective data.

Biomechanics are best assessed in three-dimensional space. Fit data collected in a traditional two-dimensional plane (i.e. video-based systems) is fairly limited because the fitter can only look at one view at a time and those views stand as independent reference points. In order to make the best recommendations, the fitter must appreciate that the front and side views are actually interdependent reference points, so they must be viewed simultaneously in three dimensions in order to distinguish how all the applicable movements of the body are working together. Retül uses 3D motion sensors to simultaneously gather data on multiple angles.

Why have a bike fit?

Anyone who plans to ride for any period of time should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. This applies to cyclists/triathletes who already have a bike, but more so to those looking at purchasing a new bike.

Everyone is an individual and the bike should fit you; not the other way round. I take time to ensure you’re happy, so you will perform better and enjoy riding more as a consequence.

What is involved in a bike fit?

The first step is to get in touch:


Email to arrange a consultation or ask for more information and I will get back to you. I will then ask you to complete a rider history form before you arrive.

When you arrive for your consultation I will initially conduct an informal review of your cycling history and aspirations. I will then perform a pre-fit assessment, which involves an analysis of your natural flexibility, core strength and biomechanics. It is nothing strenuous, but basically a look at foot arches and foot rotation, leg length discrepancy, pelvic and shoulder alignment etc, followed by a few exercises (hamstring raises, standing calf raises etc) and stretches.

After I've checked your shoe, cleat and pedal interface, I will then set up your bike on a turbo trainer. Once that is complete you will then start a gentle warm-up on your bike.

Once you’re warmed up I will position Retül LED markers on eight of your key anatomical joints, then record a video clip of your current position.

Measurements are taken by the Retül system whilst you're pedalling. Once I have recorded the first set of data with the Retül system, you will jump off the bike and I will make manual adjustments to the bike (seat post height, saddle position, stem length, stem angle etc). This process continues until I have found the 'sweet spot' between comfort, efficiency and power.

Once I have completed the fit, I will record another video clip to show your ‘before’ and ‘after’ positions. Then your bike is scanned into the system so you have a detailed geometry breakdown. The whole process takes approximately two hours.

On completion of the consultation I will email you a full report highlighting the key data.

Bike Fitting Testimonials

I have just completed my first 100 mile ride since my bike fit with Steve and finished the sportive feeling fast, fresh and comfortable. Steve looked at both my body as well as my bike, as I learnt that this obviously has a massive bearing on the fit. I was given very helpful advice and stretch plans from him to carry out and with his wisdom and ‘state-of-the-art’ technology, he adjusted my bike perfectly. This is a first class service and worth every penny if you want to spend many miles pedalling.
— Ben L
After having a bike fit with Steve I realised just how badly my bike was set up for me! After a few adjustments it became evident I was too stretched out on the bike. Steve recommended a shorter stem with greater angle and an inline seat post, which has made a huge difference to my riding. I’m now a lot more comfortable on the bike and managed three long days and 335 miles at the Tour of Wessex with no real aches and pains! It’s also helped my climbing...and more importantly gain some QoMs :-) highly recommend it!
— Lisa M
I drove a 500 mile round trip to get my bike fit with Steve @ LIOS. I figured having purchased my dream bike, I should get it fitted by the best in the game. As a cyclist with some biomechanical problems, Steve helped me get the perfect equilibrium with my bike; essential as this year for the first time I’m doing some serious rides. I could feel the comfort benefit instantly with the minor adjustments he made on the day, and I know this will be magnified when extracting the last energy out of my legs on Mt Ventoux in the summer. Highly recommended.
— Chris W
An amazing couple of hours with Steve. Very impressive setup, incredibly professional and detailed. Full Retül 3D assessment, fitting both of my road bikes to me. It has made a huge difference; I came home and rode an FTP programme. I have increased my FTP by 37 Watts - just by the change in position. Highly recommended, already noticed the difference.
— Matt W

How much does the bike fit cost?

The cost of a full bike fit consultation is £200.00. If you would like to be fitted on two of your bikes (i.e. a road bike and a tri bike), the cost of the consultation is £300.00 and will take approximately three hours.