“WOW my new LIOS Exactor exceeds expectations.  Steve’s attention to detail through the Retul bike fit and building the bike is fantastic to experience. The custom features and finish are amazing, with my LIOS talked about as the best looking bike in our club. I bought the Exactor to be quick and it really is; knocking chunks off my PBs on the first rides even though I am heavier and older than when they were last set! I really hope LIOS continues to be so successful for Steve and the LIOS rouleurs.”

Steven C

"The whole process of becoming a lucky owner of a LIOS bike was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. The bike fit Steve undertook was phenomenal - he and his technology helped greatly in understanding how power gets transferred through the bike properly. Whilst the fitting was enjoyable, the finished product - the Bullet is unbelievable. Not only is it phenomenally quick, but because Steve has expertly set it up, it is really comfortable. No longer do I suffer back pain after long rides. I went to visit Steve hoping to get a bike to get me through some of the courses I wanted to tackle. I came back with a dream bike, one that I count the days down until I can jump back on the saddle. It is worth highlighting how much fun and how much I learned through this process."

Neil S

"Steve built me a LIOS Bullet for me to compete at Ironman UK 2013; I took 1hr 40mins off my 2012 time! Not only did my time improve, but having a bike custom made and set-up increased my comfort on the bike. I have now ridden around 2,500 miles on my LIOS Bullet in the last year and it keeps getting better."

Francie C

"It would be hard to exaggerate the benefit of a full bike-fit with Steve - the improvement in my position was obvious from the first kilometer and, more importantly, the lack of post-ride aches too...and to cap it off, the Bullet looks great too!"

Tim A

"Unlike most of the testimonials, I was a complete novice, only taking up the sport as I had decided to start doing triathlons. However, I questioned myself on whether to opt for a cheaper off the shelf option, but chose Steve, as he was recommended for his wealth of knowledge and was assured that I would get what was right for me. Six months later it has proved to be the best decision, not only has the bike grown with me, but my love of cycling has grown exponentially. If you are a novice and questioning whether a LIOS bike is a bit much for your ability, think again!"

Simon D

"Two months on from my bike fit with Steve and my cycling has been transformed! Ok, I'm still no Chris Froome and never will be, but I can at least ride with no lower back pain and enjoy the riding, which enables me to ride further and harder than before. As recommended, I've swapped the laid-back seat post for an inline version to compensate for my biomechanics and, in conjunction with the adjustments Steve made, my cycling is so much better. At the very least, the lack of both riding pain and post-ride pain has made the whole exercise worthwhile and extremely good value for money (compared to the ongoing cost of a physio, chiropractor and painkillers!). I've recommended to my colleagues that they all get a professional fit. Why spend thousands or more on a bike and then punish yourself by not getting fitted properly?! It's like buying a car and not moving the seat or rearview mirror..."

Martin M

"Steve exceeded my expectations with his professional approach to making sure comfort and efficiency were balanced with my objectives. The fact that adjustments are made without stepping off the fitting machine means that improvements are immediately visible. That goes not only for physical adjustments he makes to the bike, but equally to suggests he makes to improve position and technique. Thanks to Steve and the cutting edge technology he has at his disposal, I now know what good technique feels like and am able to transfer that to the road."

James C

"I had my bike properly fitted by Steve on Friday. I was amazed at how little I knew about setting up my own bike! The whole service was excellent and very professional. Steve explains all the adjustments he makes and you can immediately see the benefits on the screen. I went for the fitting because after having several knee operations I have been suffering from knee pain after long rides. Already I have noticed an improvement and would fully recommend this service to anyone who is serious about cycling."

Andy C

"Thank you so much for the Retül 3D assessment Steve. I would recommend Steve to anyone thinking of having a professional bike-fit as he is knowledgeable, friendly and detailed throughout the assessment. Steve spent time looking at my flexibility and posture before anything else and matched this to the position I could hold on my time-trial bike. Even with just a few adjustments I am feeling much more comfortable and confident in my tt position, having been reassured by Steve that my position was good. I am now looking forward to the many hours of turbo, time-trial and triathlons I will be spending in this position. Just down to me to get the power up now!"

Ross M

"My bike fit has transformed my comfort and results on my existing race bike. Steve's bespoke service and attention to detail are rare to find. I am now considering buying a new LIOS Bike!"

Toby S

"I went to see LIOS Bikes with both my road and TT bikes. Steve was great during the fits. Professional and informative. Nice coffee too! A couple of amendments on my roadie made me feel more comfortable and I found out my current TT extension bars were too small. I got them changed and now my TT bike feels great! Awesome job."

Paul C

"Thanks for the fit on both bikes, they have been amazing! The road bike is super comfy and got me round the Isle of Wight Radonnee with no issues and the TT bike is just flying! New 25 mile PB in 56:30 and managed to get a roll down place for Glasgow in the summer!"

Josh L

"I was looking to upgrade from my entry level TT bike and I approached Steve having done a significant amount of research on what to buy. The service that Steve provided from consultation to delivery has been absolutely first class. Steve's initial advice over the phone on the procedure was extremely clear and cemented my desire to buy a LIOS bike. My bike fit with Steve was extremely comprehensive and Steve's patience with me as we adjusted the fit, re-adjusted the fit, and in some cases went back to where we started was first class. This all paid dividends when I collected my Javelin, as the final fitting was swift and the bike was built to meet my needs in every way. How good is it? Well, with my new Javelin, I have since smashed all my PBs for 10, 25 and 50 mile Time Trials with expectation of much more to come. I could not have asked for more, and I take every opportunity to show off my Javelin and recommend Steve and LIOS Bikes to all who ask; and to many who don't ask!!"

Gavin M

"First class service all round with LIOS - comprehensive and totally knowledgeable bike fit for the new LIOS Hellfire MTB! Since receiving it, it has helped me knock 25% off last year's xc race timings on the same courses. At half the weight of my previous mountain bike, it is nimble, super fast (scarily so on the muddy sections) and an eye-catcher! Can't wait for the Bullet to arrive!"

Alex K

"My LIOS Bullet is an excellent build and it's turning heads when I train with Kingston Wheelers and Exeter Road Club. I selected the Ultegra build with PRO finishing kit and it's holding up brilliantly against the winter elements on those long training rides. It handles and climbs superbly and I'm looking forward to racing in the spring."

Ryan K

"After having a bike fit with Steve I realised just how badly my bike was set up for me! After a few adjustments it became evident I was too stretched out on the bike. Steve recommended a shorter stem with greater angle and an inline seat post, which has made a huge difference to my riding. I'm now a lot more comfortable on the bike and managed three long days and 335 miles at the Tour of Wessex with no real aches and pains! It's also helped my climbing...and more importantly gain some QoMs :-) highly recommend it!!"

Lisa M

"Thanks again for all you did. I'm really pleased with how much better the bike is. It now feels part of me! It's much easier and far less tiring to cycle any significant distance, which means much higher average speeds. You've eliminated the numbness in the wrist and fingers and I have much more confidence in tackling the London traffic at rush hour."

Simon A

"I had my bike fitting with Steve in Feb this year. My initial impressions were excellent and over the last 3 months I have not been disappointed. The knee pain I suffered from, and had assumed was a permanent effect of a knee operation, has been significantly reduced! I genuinely recommend this service to anyone who is serious about cycling or anyone who suffers from pain either during or after cycling. Give the fitting service a go sooner rather than later. I am now much more confident about my ability to complete a John O'Groats to Lands End ride in June!"

Andy C

"You don't need to be an elite cyclist to feel the benefit of a bike fitting. I opted for one to improve my body position and use the age old ethos of prevention is better than cure. I didn't want to develop injuries ahead of a big year or cycling. From the start Steve was excellent. The pre-appointment prep sheet and info really got me excited. The experience itself was professional and methodical, everything was explained and I didn't feel rushed at all. Worth every penny...I can't wait for the sun to come out!"

Richard N

"I have had three bikes now recently, as my love for the sport has developed. Although I feel my riding and equipment has refined, the minor changes Steve made to help me achieve the perfect fit have made a major difference to both ride comfort and pedalling effectiveness. Both of those contribute to performance and in a sport where 'marginal gain' has become a buzzword among the elite, getting a massive gain as a keen amateur has been a really worthwhile investment."

James  G

"LIOS Bikes provided an excellent service utilising Retül 3D bike fitting technology. I now feel a lot more comfortable on my bike and believe that my improved positioning has helped to greatly improve my performance."

Jonpaul N

"Before going to LIOS for a bike fit with Steve, I used to get knee and lower back pain, but once I had my bike fit with Steve, my god did it make a difference; no knee or back pain! I even noticed a difference in the amount of power I was producing. Steve was very professional and provided a fantastic service. Couldn't be happier...will definitely use LIOS again. Thanks so much Steve."

James T

"Thank you for a fantastic bike fit on Monday evening. It was very technical and professional. Most importantly it made all the difference on our ride on Tuesday night. My knee had no soreness and my shoulders and neck were great too. We did a 30mile ride and where before I would have really been suffering if we went any further, I felt like I could keep on going. I also think that the bike fit helped with getting up the hills quicker. I definitely had more power. I think it has revolutionised my cycling!"

Jodi B

“A few months on now and I can definitely say the fit’s been great. Since Outlaw Half I’ve racked up two 100 mile rides and then last week did a charity cycle challenge with work between our three sites - 200km from Newport to Titchfield on Day 1 and 128km from Titchfield to London on Day 2. With only a slightly achy back towards the end of Day 1, which didn’t appear on Day 2, I’d say the bike fit has to be great, so a big thank you. I’ve been recommending you to anyone that will listen.”

Ann B

"Steve was very professional and took his time to assess me thoroughly. I would recommend his bike fit to anyone who is serious about cycling, as a properly adjusted bike makes so much difference to comfort and efficiency. I absolutely love my Bullet. It really is comfortable and fast, with secure and precise handling. It looks great too."

Justin B

"I visited Steve after months of looking for a new bike that would fit me and I liked the look of. After an initial consultation and seeing the bikes, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I first rode the bike after 6 months away from cycling and I knocked 5 minutes off my best time on one of my regular training routes. That told me everything I needed to know about the bike and fitting service provided by Steve. An excellent bike coupled with outstanding service before, during and after."

Brad B

"I have just completed my first 100 mile ride since my bike fit with Steve and finished the sportive feeling fast, fresh and comfortable. Steve looked at both my body as well as my bike, as I learnt that this obviously has a massive bearing on the fit. I was given very helpful advice and stretch plans from him to carry out and with his wisdom and 'state-of-the-art' technology, he adjusted my bike perfectly. This is a first class service and worth every penny if you want to spend many miles pedalling."

Ben L

"I drove a 500 mile round trip to get my bike fit with Steve @ LIOS. I figured having purchased my dream bike, I should get it fitted by the best in the game. As a cyclist with some biomechanical problems, Steve helped me get the perfect equilibrium with my bike; essential as this year for the first time I'm doing some serious rides. I could feel the comfort benefit instantly with the minor adjustments he made on the day, and I know this will be magnified when extracting the last energy out of my legs on Mt Ventoux in the summer. Highly recommended."

Chris W

"An amazing couple of hours with Steve. Very impressive setup, incredibly professional and detailed. Full Retül 3D assessment, fitting both of my road bikes to me. It has made a huge difference; I came home and rode an FTP programme. I have increased my FTP by 37 Watts - just by the change in position. Highly recommended, already noticed the difference."

Matt W

"I've had a few different bike fits over the years, but the bike fit that Steve gave me was by far the best in terms of detail and the results on my bike that I have gained since having the fit. I found that the service was a really personal one and that Steve took the time to explain the improvements that he was making to the bike and how they would benefit my cycling."

Sam K

"Had full bike set up on Thursday by Steve. Awesome job. No knee pain, effortless position and approx 30 more watts on my turbo on the same settings as last week. Feels like a new bike and almost like a new rider!! Great confidence boost pre-half Ironman at the weekend...thanks again Steve."

Charlie H

"Thanks Steve for the bike fit last week. I managed to knock 4mins off my PB for the Col de Ramaz!! 3rd woman for the Col de Ramaz hill climb race. But how can I knock another 4mins off? A Bullet perhaps? : )"

Rachael G

"The bespoke fit Steve did for me on my own bike was fantastic. I've ridden for some years, but the adjustments Steve made have really improved my comfort on the bike, which in turn has increased my speed and endurance. From start to finish it was an extremely personal and professional experience that I wish I had done years ago."

Richard H

"Having raced bikes at a competitive level for 16 years, I know how important a bike fit is, not only for comfort, but for performance too. Watching my power change as the BioBike altered its position, sometimes by just a few millimetres, reminded me how a small tweak can increase efficiency and speed significantly. A proper bike fit is vital: all too often I see my friends with top-of-the-range equipment, training for hours and not reaching anywhere near their potential because they haven't had their bike fitted."

Ryan K

"Massive thank you to LIOS Bikes and Steve for the work you did on my bike fit. Steve you're a genius. 3 rides down and a noticeable reduction in Lumbar pain when going aero. More power on the climbs and reduced knee pain too. Bring on Cotswold 113!!!"

Zach W

"Thanks for the fantastic bike fit Steve! I have had a few rides out to Richmond since and it's made such a difference!"

Edward B

"Suffering with lower back and neck pain, plus a niggle in the right knee during longer rides, Steve offered his services for the H4H Battle Back riders and I took the opportunity. Faced with a number of challenges, as my prosthetic limits my range of movement, Steve got me into the best position possible. I am now able to ride for much longer. Thanks Steve."

Jaco VG

"Thank you so much for my bike fit, I really can't believe the difference it has made. I rode 40 miles today and I think for the first time (ever) I sat on my bike and peddled correctly. No neck or lower back pain. I felt like I actually used my legs! Got quite a few PBs on Strava without trying. I certainly sang your praises to the girls. Again I can't thank you enough."

Sheena B